Alex Thomson-Corrao

1) Full Name: Alex Thomson-Corrao
2) Nick Name: Alex
3) Birthdate–Month, Day, Year: 07/19/1978
4) City Born: New York, Bayshore
5) Current Hometown: Haleiwa
6) First Name of Family members: Jack, Diana, Jenna
7) Status: Single

8) Goofy or Regular: regular
9) Began Surfing at what age: 22
10) Who took you surfing your first time / who instructed you: myself

Amateur Surfing:
11) What year did you being surfing in Amateur competitions: never
12) What was your first Amateur Event – Your Age, Location, Event Title &
13) List your major Amateur Event Wins (+Location & Year) and/or Titles

Professional Surfing:
14) What year did you begin surfing in Professional competitions:
15) What was your first Professional Event – Your Age, Location, Event Title
& Result:

16) List your major Professional Event Wins (+Location & Year) and/or Titles

17) Other Sports you enjoy? Former Rugby player
18) Other Interests or Hobbies?

19) Your Local favorite Go-To Surf Spot: Sunset
20) Surf Shop you frequent and/or support: Surf n Sea
21) Shaper(s) you work with: Lyle Carlson, Dennis Pang, Jeff Bushman
22) Serious Injuries sustained while surfing, explain: ruptured ear drum
23) Other U.S. States & Countries you’ve surfed in: NY, NJ, costa rica,
nicaragua, panama, tahiti
24) Your Sponsors for 2012: I wish
25) What are your three strongest surfing maneuvers: floaters and wiping
+) Today’s Date: 9/4/12

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